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2008    PhD (Diplôme national de docteur) in Modern Greek studies, “Translation, from French to Greek, of documents in the education sector; methodological approach and constitution of a lexicon”, doctoral studies programme in LANGUAGES, LITERATURES, CULTURES, CIVILIZATIONS, Paul Valéry university Montpellier III, (France)
2002    Master’s Degree in Liberal Arts with Distinction (DEA: Diplôme d’études approfondies), History and civilization from the Renaissance to our days, Modern Greek section, field of TRANSLATION, Paul Valéry university Montpellier III, (France)
Subject : “Translation of documents in the education sector, from French to Greek”.
2001    University Degree (4 years), National and Kappodistrian University of Athens, Department of French literature and language (Linguistics, Pedagogy, Language, History-Civilization of France)

1995    General Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate ( Apolytirion ), Anavryta senior high school, Grade Excellent


2015    Distance learning course, Didactics: Teaching Modern Greek as a foreign language, programme Routes, Center for the Greek language
2014    Training in adult education, «Adult education» (Hellenic Open University)
2014    Training in «ICT in teaching foreign languages» (Moodle seminar)
2007    Training seminar «Training and assessing the examination of French as a foreign language» (Ministry on national education of Greece)
2004    Training in teaching vocabulary in French as a foreign language (seminar in Didactics, Kauffmann Library)
2003    Training in assessment and evaluation for the National Foreign Language Exam System (KPG) (Kauffmann Library)
2003    Training in preschool education (seminar in Didactics, Kauffmann Library)
2002    Course of study in specialized translation (French – Greek), University of Paul Valéry Montpellier III, (Translation of technical documents, source of documents: press/historical documents…)
1999    Course of study in French, International Centre of French studies of Lumière Lyon 2 University, (lessons of French language for one month in France)
1999    Course of study in French language and European Community documents (Translation and analysis of E.U. documents – European Council, Commission, Parliament documents such as debats, decrees etc - ), University of Athens


French (DALF – Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française )
Italian ( Celi 4, Università per stranieri, Perugia ).
English ( Certificate of Proficiency in English, The University of Michigan ).


Teaching French as a foreign language

2020    University of Athens: Foreign Languages Department (2011-2020)
2020    Primary School Dionysios Solomos (2005-2020)
2020    Private lessons (1995-2020)
2017    Centers of foreign languages Grapsas (2016-2017)
2011    Centers of foreign languages Pyrsos (2003-2011)
2008    Primary public school, District of Athens (2007-2008)


2015    Translations (English →French) for Mochemco-Organica Associates ltd
2011    Translation (French → Greek) of mathematics books for primary school
2011    Translation (Greek →French) of documents of cultural and archeological content in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture of Greece
2006    Translation (Greek →French) of a doctoral thesis of historical interest «Organization of the navy and the nautical power of Greece 1900-1913»
2005    Translation (Greek ⇔French)of daily press articles (secretariat of Alcatel company)

Other work experience

2005    Alcatel company (2 months as a secretariat employee )
2004    Metronanalysis (4 months/ Gallup-polls and market research)
1998    Bank employee (1996-2001: summer seasons)





I studied at the University of Athens French Language and Literature ( Grade Very Good). I continued my studies at a Master Level at the Paul Valery University in Montpellier, France, at the Department of Modern Greek Studies.  I attended the Program of History and Cutlure from Renaissance til today. My work was specialized in translation under the title: ''Translation of public educational documents from French to Greek Language''. (Grade: distinction). This work comprises in conducting two Glossaries, one french and one greek, based on official educational documents and their translation in greek. My doctoral thesis is an expansion of this work and is titled:Translation, from French to Greek, of documents in the education sector; methodological approach and constitution of a lexicon” My research field consists in presenting and comparing two educational systems, that of Greece and  France. I also focused on the terminology used in official educational documents in the two languages. Furthermore I conducted a Lexikon, ( Dictionary) with the terms used in official educational documents in France and their suggested translation.

 I am a big supporter of lifelong learning and therefore I have attend several seminars and lectures in order to enrich my knowledge and improve my skills in teaching a foreign language.

Working experience


I have been teaching French for many years in formal and informal education and children as well as adult education. The last fifteen years I teach in a primary school in Athens, (class 5 and 6, where the material used is partly conducted by me). Besides that, I teach at the University of Athens, at the Department of Foreign Languages. I have worked as a tutor at a language Center in Athens for six years and I give private lessons to people that want to learn French for a specific purpose. My tuition is adjusted to the needs of each person, from young learners that have their first experience with French till adults that need French for their work.  From school children that prepare for a language examination till students that need help with their studies in French Language or be  prepared for studies abroad. For me personally there are two dimensions in teaching a language. The first is the grammar, vocabulary, reading and writing skills that will enable communication and the other aspect is the cultural one, which consists in the history, the values and the everyday life of French speaking people; because French is not spoken only in France, but in many countries in the world. My work comprises also in organizing cultural events or participating with the students in many intercultural and European projects.



I have a long experience in translating and this is due to the various fields that i have been involved as regards translating.

Technical translations
In cooperation with Mochemco-Organica company translating from English to Greek language the description of chemical products and laboratory equipment.

Histrory and Culture
Translation from Greek to French a doctoral thesis '' Organization of the navy and the nautical power of Greece 1900-1913.  It s a historical research on the reorganization of the greek fleet in 1913 and description of ships in Greece that period.
In cooperation with the Greek Ministry of Culture i translated from Greek to French two works for the promotion of greek culture. The texts were adressed to the Numerical Museum of Athens and are of archeological interest. The one is a detailed description of money currencies in the ancient world and  the other a description of utensils  during the Mycenaean period.

Educational translations
I have translated from French to Greek two mathematic schoolbooks for primary school.( À portée de maths » and « Pour comprendre les mathématiques ; CM1 cycle 3 » Hachette Publications.)

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